As any Fort Mill or Indian Land, SC real estate agent will tell you, curb appeal is key if you’re trying to sell your home. Curb appeal allows a potential buyer to form a positive first impression about your property, increasing the likelihood that they’ll put in an offer. On the flip side, if you ignore your home’s curb appeal, you could find your home on the market for longer than you’d like. Today, the REALTORS® from the The Snipes Team at Keller Williams have four curb appeal tips to help you improve your home’s appearance.

  1. Step into a buyer’s shoes – Put yourself into the role of a potential buyer. Walk outside and try to see past your memories and any other emotional biases you have toward your home. What will a buyer first be drawn to when looking at your house? What will turn them off? Also think about how your home will be perceived online. What will buyers think based on a single picture of your property?
  2. Make any necessary repairs – If you’ve been putting off a few home improvement projects, take care of them now. This especially applies to your roof and driveway, which make a big impact on homebuyers.
  3. Clean your house’s exterior – Wash the windows, repaint the house, and pressure wash the decks to make your home look newer and fresher.
  4. Add color and comfort – Create an inviting atmosphere by placing brightly colored plants around your property. Consider adding some comfy seating in your outdoor entertainment areas.

When you’re ready to sell your Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC real estate, call The Snipes Team. We’ll help you determine what your home is worth and sell your home as quickly as possible.